For the second year in a row, the pandemic has squashed the Halloween Parade on Tyler St. Trick-Or-Treating, however, is still on. Pittsfield did have Trick-Or-Treat last year despite COVID-19.

Slater and Marjo spoke with Mayor Linda Tyer on Wednesday morning.

So we will not be hosting the Halloween Parade this year. You know, we are still daily monitoring the COVID case rates and you know we've had a bit of a little mini-surge I would say in the last six weeks and we are also seeing an uptick in virus concentration in our bio bot analysis (sewage testing) that we do, so that's a little concerning.

But, the Halloween Parade is for kids and kids age eleven and under are not eligible for a vaccine yet, and our number one priority for adults is to keep our kids in school, that has got to be the top, top priority, so we're not gonna do the parade. 

We wanna keep schools open and the parade has the potential to be problematic, I know it's discouraging, however. I do think that we will have Halloween trick or treat, just hold that thought. We have to monitor case rates into October. I think we can have a safe trick or treat similar to what had last year.

It's the large-scale gatherings with lots of people together in close contact whether it's indoors or outdoors, that's the concern.

Mayor Tyer joins Slater and Marjo once a month to discuss what's happening in the city.

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