There must have been an animal on the loose early on Friday morning because some residents of Pittsfield's trash was a mess.

Slater and Marjo observed some clear indications that some hungry animal was on the hunt.

Unless you are super conscientious, after an animal rips through your trash, it's the trash collector's responsibility to clean it up and get it in the truck.


What time should my trash and recyclables be placed at the curb?

Trash and recyclables should be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m.


You may not be an early riser, BUT, putting your trash out in the morning reduces the risk of anything happening to it, right?


Does the trash need to be in a container?

Trash should be placed at curbside in containers to prevent strewn trash that can result from broken and torn bags (i.e. from animal interference). At this time, regular household trash that is placed at the curb in bags will still continue to be collected.

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