One local family experienced a modern-day miracle when their missing cat, Cocoa, was found almost two months after he went missing.

The Gattasso family of Pittsfield was devasted when their family cat Cocoa went missing at the end of May, especially their four-year-old Carter. At only 1 year of age, Cocoa was strictly an indoor cat but like so many frisky felines he was determined to get outside ever since he was a kitten.

Mom Kerry said previously when Cocoa escaped, he never got too far and they are able to find him, but this time he snuck out when no one was looking and it wasn’t discovered for over an hour that he was gone. (As someone whose dog is also an escape artist, I know this struggle is real) Cocoa is also epileptic and has numerous other health conditions which made the family's concern for his well-being even higher. With the combination of his young age and health conditions, the family made the decision to wait to microchip their fur-baby until they knew he would be strong enough to undergo another procedure.

When they realized Cocoa had gone missing they did what any pet owner would do in the social media era, which was a post on a local Berkshire County missing pets group. Days passed, which turned into weeks, and then a month, and The Gattaso family tried to stay positive but were starting to lose hope.

Then, a miracle happened. Just a few days ago Cocoa wandered into the yard of a family who lived about one mile away from The Gattasso's and posted a picture of the cat in an online neighborhood group with their phone number attached. A family member of the Gattasso's spotted the picture and knew it was Cocoa.

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Kerry contacted the family and noted how amazing they were. They asked her to identify the color of his collar before letting her come to claim him. She said when she arrived they were just as emotional as she was and there were lots of hugs and lots of happy tears.

The Gattasso's immediately took Cocoa to the vet, he had lost a significant amount of weight and was having lots of seizures, but otherwise was in good shape and he's now at home recovering nicely. 

Kerry described the whole experience as unbelievable as she truly thought they would never see him again. As excited as she was, no one could top the joy of their son Carter after the two friends were reunited. There have been lots of snuggles ever since. 

Kerry and her family know how many unhappy endings there are in these types of situations and are so grateful their story turned out different. They send their prayers to others with missing pets and want to remind those families to keep the faith because you never know when a miracle can happen!

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