As districts across the commonwealth continue to navigate unprecedented and challenging times, the conversation surrounding schools has been dominated by COVID-19 for the past year. Despite the pandemic controlling the narrative, and day-to-day life for students, problems that existed before the pandemic still remain, including funding.
The Pittsfield High School boys track team is asking for the community's help with some much-needed improvements to their equipment. Longtime coach Joe Albano has reached out to the public in an open letter highlighting the team's desperate need for some basic equipment. He highlighted how important the team has been for its members, not only from their athletic success but for the opportunity to further their education after high school.
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Albano's Letter in its entirety can be read below:
Hello, my name is Joe Albano. I have the honor and privilege of being the Head Coach of the Pittsfield High School’s Boy’s Track and Field Team. As I enter my sixteenth season as the Head Coach I need your help in providing the boys with new equipment for training and competition. The team is trying to raise $10,000 for the equipment it needs to train and compete during the upcoming and future track and field seasons.
Over the past fifteen seasons, the boys have earned six undefeated Berkshire County Championships. For the last four years, the boys have been consecutive undefeated champions. Many boys continue their season competing and earning awards in Division 1, Western/Central Mass, and State, New England regional track meets.
The boys do not have a track and field facility of their own, as other high schools do, where they can train and compete. The boys run in the streets, the parks and the woods. They run in the stairwells and hallways of the school. Throwers throw in the gym, the hallways, and in the back yard of the school. The team shares the gym with four other varsity teams of the high school. The one track within the city of Pittsfield is shared between four-track teams as well as the public. The track is totally inadequate for effective training and competition. All of the team’s track meets are “on the road”.
In spite of all the roadblocks, Pittsfield High School still fields a team of 50 or more athletes every spring. At the end of each season, many of our seniors move on to compete in college. The University of Massachusetts, University of Hartford, Merrimack College, Worcester Poly Tech Institute, Ithaca College, Springfield College are just a few examples of where our athletes go to too further their education and compete.
All of this success has taken its toll on our equipment. It needs to be replaced. We are in need of: Starting blocks, shot puts, discus, javelins, hurdles, batons, high jump mats and standards, uniforms, portable shot and discus throwing circles, equipment carts, and more.
The cost of replacing the equipment will not be covered by the school system. I am reaching out to you. I am asking that you make a small contribution to this Go Fund Me page so the boys can continue to train and compete at the level of excellence they deserve.
Check out the team's Go Fund Me page here.

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