Netflix is rebooting the classic 1990's docuseries Unsolved Mysteries and a Berkshire Landmark will be featured in an episode.

The Berkshire Athenaeum is is front and center in an episode called "Berkshires UFO" which was partially filmed in the downtown library. The fifth episode will focus on a UFO encounter in 1969 in Sheffield, Mass.

This episode was partially filmed last year in various parts of the Local History Department at the Athenaeum. The library also helped to supply some history and information on an unidentified flying object sighting and encounter that occurred in September of 1969.

The story goes that Thomas Reed and his family were driving from Ski Butternut in Great Barrington over the Sheffield Bridge when they noticed a bright, floating object near their car. They felt what Reed describes as a change in pressure, or an electromagnetic field; a dead silence fell, the light grew brighter, and they found themselves somewhere else.

 Now, we do remember being in what looked like an airplane hanger. We didn't stay in the car. We were removed from the vehicle, that's true. Where we were, I don't know.
Thomas Reed, via MassLive

Unsolved Mysteries is being produced by its original creators and the producers of the Netflix hit Stranger Things. The Berkshires episode in the six-part summer series. It will be available to stream on July 1.


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