According to the Massachusetts State Lottery, two $100,000 winning lottery tickets were sold in the Commonwealth yesterday and one is right here in Pittsfield.

The state lottery's Twitter account confirmed that two winning Mass Cash lottery numbers were sold yesterday, Thursday, November 4.

One of the tickets was sold at Jack's Variety at 65 Main Street in Worcester.

The other ticket was sold at the Alltown on the corner of First Street and Tyler Street in Pittsfield.

The winning numbers were 1, 3, 16, 18, 31.



It has been a hot week for Mass Cash tickets as the Massachusetts Lottery reports that three different $100,000 tickets from the Mass Cass game were sold over this past weekend. 

The first was sold at Broadway Convenience in Dracut at 14 Broadway Road. The second lottery ticket was sold at Old Towne Market in Lynnfield. The third winning $100,000 ticket sold was actually a season ticket. Season tickets are available for annual purchase in which someone can buy their numbers every week for the entire year. 

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