Data for Massachusetts school districts including "out of school suspension" numbers and "total number of students disciplined" numbers has been released for the 2017-2018 school year.

Both lists include the top 25 districts, including charter schools, for each category. Pittsfield and North Adams each landed on a list.

Pittsfield Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Jason McCandless, recently sat down with Slater and Marjo to discuss a video he released concerning an uptick in student fighting within the school system. McCandless also spoke of consequences for such unruly behavior including suspension, alternate schooling, and if necessary, legal action.

Although McCandless said that less than 2% of the school's population is a problem, Pittsfield lands at number 16 on the list of "total number of students disciplined".

Pittsfield Public Schools

Students: 5,695

Students disciplined: 458

In-school suspension %: 4.9

Out-of-school suspension %: 3.4

Emergency removal %: 2

North Adams came in at number 25 on the list of "out of school suspension" numbers.

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