A Pittsfield man has been arrested in relation to a child pornography investigation conducted by Federal agents.

Benjamin Shacar, who reports say is in his mid-30s, is facing unknown charges in connection with the probe according to The Berkshire Eagle.

According to neighbors, around 7 or 8 a.m. investigators descended on 16-18 Maple St. this past Wednesday morning and say later in the afternoon a man was taken into custody. Eyewitnesses told The Eagle that after Shacar was taken into custody at approximately 1 p.m., a girl came out of the house with officers around 3 p.m. No other information was given. It is currently unknown how many children resided at the house and their relation to Shacar.

Residents nearby said at one point 11 cruisers from federal investigators and Pittsfield Police were on the street. 

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In speaking with the local publication, Lt. Gary Traversa of the Pittsfield Police Department said they have had “some peripheral interactions” with Shacar, but noted those interactions as “nothing recent, notable or disclosable.”

PPD referred reporters to the Department of Homeland Security for details on the active investigation however, John Mohan, a spokesman for the Department did not immediately respond when asked about specific charges Shacar was facing.

Social media account says the man owns Shacar Mineral & Supply, listed as a wholesale and retail fine mineral specimen company, and he is originally from Peru.

A Go Fund Me was started by a Benjamin M. Shacar of Berkshire County six years ago to  "help my family start our business" and listed the company as Berkshire Vapor Works, but the account has since been closed and no other details were available.

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