If you're a resident of Pittsfield then you're probably aware of the contest currently underway in which you can vote on the new name for Taconic High School's mascot. Taconic has retired their "Braves" mascot in order to find an alternative name that does not reflect the Native American culture.

It looks like we're now at the point where the new mascot name has been whittled down to the top 3 choices. And we now have until Sunday, March 6, to cast our votes and narrow it down to the top and final choice.

So it all comes down to which name you like the best out of the top 3. Which name rolls off your tongue better? Which name sounds better when you're screaming it at the top of your lungs while you're attending a Taconic football game?

So here we go, the final three names to choose from for the new Taconic High School logo are as follows:

  • Taconic Rockets
  • Taconic Thunder
  • Taconic Titans

Approximately 1,000 people contributed to the first survey to narrow it down to the top three, but c'mon, we can do better than that. Let your voice be heard, Pittsfield! Decide which name you think sounds the best and go take the survey. Sunday is deadline day and it will be here before you know it.

Even though I attended Pittsfield High School, I will always have a soft spot for Taconic because that's where I first started radio broadcasting at WTBR, which back then we would affectionately call "Taconic Basement Radio". Yep. That's where it was located. In the basement. The time spent there led to a career, along with some great memories of great times with great people.

Anyway, I got all off track. Take the survey. We'll find out next week what the new name is going to be.

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