Kathy Stracuzzi of Pittsfield was enjoying her day when some friends tried to take advantage of her sensitive nervous system. Some people are just "jumpy" and Stracuzzi is one of them.

As you see here, Stracuzzi is pretty frightened; however, she seems to laugh it off at the end.

Some people REALLY hate being scared, though. I had a co-worker literally punch me once for scaring her so badly. First, it was a look of absolute terror, then a hard punch to the arm.


When you're scared, your body goes fight or "flight or mode", right? Your heart rate is jacked, adrenaline levels are super high...but can you die? Yes you can, but it's RARE.

Fear can cause a classic heart attack in people who are already at risk. "A person who is walking around with a 50% narrowing of the arteries may never have symptoms, but if they're held up at gunpoint or narrowly miss an auto accident, their adrenaline levels can rise and destabilize that plaque," says Dr. Wittstein. "That ruptured plaque can cause a blood clot to form and now they have a 100% blockage." -foxnews.com

While it can be wildly entertaining to scare someone, I mean, some folks reactions are just amazing. But some people REALLY don't like it, so DON'T do it.


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