Over the past year, there has been much discussion and updates to what you can throw in the trash in Massachusetts. Mattresses can no longer be thrown away and put into landfills. Textiles including that ripped shirt can't be thrown away either but one thing some people may get confused over is where that pizza box should go when it no longer has a home in your refrigerator.

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About once a month I'll order pizza. There was a time when I wasn't sure what to do with the box in terms of throwing it away. Does it go in the trash or should I dispose of it in the cardboard/paper recycling bin? My first instinct was to throw it in the recycling bin since the box is made of cardboard but as I learned there is a caveat to that decision.

Can Pizza Boxes Legally Go in the Recycling Bin in Massachusetts?

Here's the deal on pizza boxes to clear up the confusion. According to a few Massachusetts town and city websites including Agawam, Gardner, and Cambridge as well as Recycle Smart, pizza boxes can be placed into your recycle bin as long as the box is clean. There can't be any crumbs, leftover toppings, puddles of grease, etc.

Is There a Certain Way to Place The Pizza Box in the Recycling Bin? 

Recycle Smart suggests that you fold the pizza box inside out before you put it in the recycling.  This will make sure that the box is completely empty so there are no surprises at the sorting facility. It's also worth noting that liners and pizza savers (those little white tables) be placed in the trash not in the recycling bin with the box.

Enjoy Your Pizza But Keep it Clean

Next time you and your family and friends order pizza for that birthday party or big get-together make sure the pizza boxes are clean and you'll be able to recycle them without worry. There will be fewer items clogging up your trash bin and you'll be doing your part when it comes to recycling smart in Massachusetts.

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