Over the past few years, there has been a trend of soda lovers from the past heading towards a future without it, and leaning towards flavored seltzer waters.

They are delicious, refreshing and, let's be honest, they are better for you. While, personally, I haven't made the full-on switch, there has been a lot more seltzer water in my life today than there ever has been. (Although I still enjoy an ice cold Diet Coke quite a bit)

With summer coming soon, Polar Seltzer, which is based out of Worcester, has revealed their limited edition summer flavors for 2018. The release, which was reported by Boston.com, says that there are three brand new flavors along with two making their return to the shelves.

The descriptions, according to the report, have perfect descriptions that give off the tones of summer flavor: a “tartylicious” pineapple lemon twist, a “delightfully bright” mango cherry bliss, and a “seriously refreshing” blueberry tangerine.

Also, the return of the "dazzling" raspberry rose, which returns again after its debut last year, and “forever irresistible” cucumber melon, a limited edition flavor from Summer 2013, round out this season's collection.

This summer's limited edition seltzers are available now. The company also announced that they will be available in 12-ounce cans so you can fit them in your coolers a bit easier as you travel to the lake, on vacation, or wherever you want to enjoy these refreshing beverages.


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