Our favorite Massachusetts-made seltzer company just announce its 100th flavor.

Polar Beverage, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, has unveiled their newest and 100th flavor sparkling seltzer, aptly named “100,” which is what Polar calls an “ode to dreamers everywhere.”

A statement from the company describes "100" as having “sunny citrus and strawberry flavor notes in orbit around starfruit dancing in a galaxy of the brand’s signature effervescence."

Something else new for this specialty flavor is the label. For this milestone edition, Polar decided to stray from their traditional label and referenced the beverage company's roots. The new label features the constellation, Polaris, also known as the North Star, from which the company takes its name. The company's polar bear mascot featured below a star with a background of watercolor blue paint.

My favorite part? Polar says the special label glows in the dark, so with all the lights out, the bottle will reveal the company’s polar bear in the stars, the UrsaMajor constellation (see below).

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Now here's the tough part, actually getting your hands on a bottle. While most of Polar's seasonal and limited releases are readily available at most Berkshire County grocery stores, Polar has described this launch as a “very limited release” and did not reveal exactly how many bottles will hit store shelves.

Being a seltzer junkie myself, I usually find Big Y to be the best bet when it comes to finding Polar products. At the time of publication, I did not see the "100" flavor in stock, but I'll be sure to check back and update my findings.

UPDATE: A small number of bottles have been spotted today, March 8, at the Pittsfield Big Y.

Polar has a store locator on their website which gives the option to search specific flavors, but I found no luck I when entered "100" into the search window.

Have you found the very limited "100" flavor anywhere?


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