Slater and Marjo's trivia challenge on Wednesday morning seemed to have garnered some reaction among the listeners.

So, according to a recent survey, 28% of people in this profession have second jobs. Answer: Teachers.

Maureen Kennedy, a teacher from Morris Elementary in Lenox, got the answer correct. Listen below.

"I'm a teacher with a second job, so I feel it. Marjo is spot on, we don't get paid enough to live, so we have to work a second job." -Maureen Kennedy

But, "Enough to live" can be subjective, right? I asked Kennedy if her second job is a "must". She replied, "I don't know that for everybody it's a must, but depending on your family's situation, a teacher's salary is not enough most of the time."

Among the jobs that are important, teachers are up there. I mean, I can't think of anything more paramount than teaching the youth of the nation. But, there is no money in teaching, right?

The average teacher salary in Pittsfield is $71,000. Determining factors for how much teachers earn include the district in which one works, credentials, and tenure.

But we wanna general.

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