The Pittsfield City Council voted to ban outdoor commercial cultivation of cannabis on Tuesday by a vote of 10-1. Ward 5 city councilor Patrick Kavey was the only opposing vote.

Slater and Marjo spoke with At-Large Councilor Earl Persip this morning on some reasons why the council voted that way.

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"I think it's because of the unknowns about outdoor cultivation, there has been only one in the state that has gone through a growing season right now and that's in Sheffield, and Sheffield is clearly different than Pittsfield," said Persip. "So, it's the unknowns, there's a lot of restrictions as well, they require 24-hour security, 24-hour commercial lighting, we felt that those don't belong in residential areas".

As far as the smell, Persip continued, "They can't tell me the smell (of cannabis) stops at 500 feet, no one knows what the smell will be like, this is all new to us. Until we have some more data about problems that may arise, we put a halt on outdoor cultivation".

So since smell is subjective, we wanna know...

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