Tom Brady is heading to Superbowl LV on Feb. 7th in Tampa, FL. In his first year as a Buccaneer, Brady has proven once again he is the GOAT. The Buccaneers beat Aaron Rodgers and The Packers in the NFC Championship on Sunday, 31-26.

After 20 seasons with the NE Patriots, Tom Brady left to play with his old teammate Rob Gronkowski and the Buccaneers. He signed a two-year $50M dollar deal with Tampa.

For fans who are sour, he did win the Patriots 6 SuperBowl championships in his tenure with Belichick and company.

Brady announced to Patriot nation on Mar. 17, 2020...

I don't know what my football future holds but it is time for me to open a new stage for my life and career. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will always love you and what we have shared - a lifetime full of fun memories.

As a fairweather Patriots fan, I really enjoyed watching Tom Brady and I'll still root for him, absolutely, however my sentiment is not echoed by everyone.

Sports guy for The Berkshire Eagle Howard Herman recently posted to Facebook the following...

Can someone explain why Patriots fans are still rooting for TB 12? I understand that without him there are no Lombardis. But he bailed on you. Its not like when Bourque got traded. He didn't want you any more. Explain please. -Howard Herman

So, we wanna know.

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