Thanksgiving is a couple of days away, so it reminded me of a conversation I had with an old friend of mine from high school that we had back in 2010.

After a Thanksgiving Eve night of catching up, a conversation began that would be called "The Great Cranberry Sauce Debate." I made a statement, when talking about Thanksgiving dinner, that cranberry sauce is the cherry on the proverbial feast. When asked whether I liked my cranberry sauce homemade or out of the can, I went with the latter.

Cranberry sauce out of the can is where it is at! My friend did not agree with me, which spurned the legendary debate.

You can try to convince me otherwise, you can try to tell me that a family member, a friend, a chef acquaintance of yours makes the best cranberry sauce in the history of cranberry sauces and, as delicious as it may be, it will not change my mind.

However, rather than just take over this thing with my own opinion, I'll turn it over to you all to settle the debate once and for all on a local level.

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