Tuesday's forecast is sunny and 85 degrees, nice and HOT! You know a way to cool down on a nice summer-like day? Ice cream.

Marjo and I have been talking about Wendy's mix and match deals happening now on their breakfast menu via the Wendy's app, but on Tuesday morning we had to add in the news about the strawberry frosty!

I'll leave out the fact the Marjo has never had a Wendy's frosty and that she thought it was similar to a milkshake, but yeah, if the rumors are true, the strawberry frosty is coming.

For those of you like Marjo, a frosty is not a milkshake or frappe, but basically, soft serve ice cream in a soft drink cup.

Wendy's Facebook
Wendy's Facebook

The original, introduced in 1969, was chocolate, but then Wendy's added the vanilla option to their menu in 2006.

To complete the neapolitan vibe, it is rumored that Wendy's, starting in June of 2022 (tomorrow), will offer strawberry frostys and nix the vanilla for a minute.

According to the unverified company memo, in conjunction with the launch of the new Strawberry Frosty, Wendy’s will remove the Vanilla Frosty from national menus throughout the summer to maintain a two-flavor Frosty program –Strawberry and Chocolate. The Vanilla Frosty will return to restaurants in early September 2022. -chewbooom.com

I gotta tell ya, a Wendy's burger and fries and that chocolate frosty combination is 🔥. I think and hope the rumors are true because I will have me some of that strawberry frosty!



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