We live in the Berkshires, which means snow is inevitable.

For our children that go to school in the area, that usually means snow days, and with that -- the school year goes a little bit longer.

Growing up in the Boston area, I have experienced many school years that extended, sometimes much, longer than anticipated. Then the debates would begin -- "What if we got rid of April Vacation? February Vacation? Started the school year earlier?" -- yet, a definitive plan never came together.

Here in the Berkshires, one local school district is trying to come up with a solution. The Mount Greylock Regional School District is looking to get rid of April Vacation altogether. Instead, they would replace it with back-to-back long weekends. The district is trying to get approval for Patriots Day weekend, plus the Friday after Patriots Day off as well, this according to a report from iBerkshires.com.

With the school year ending on June 25 due to snow days piling up, MGRSD is looking at this plan to end the next school year on June 13, or no later than June 20 if extra snow days occur. Currently, it is slated to end June 18, or again, June 25 if extra snow days happen.

In my opinion, as a parent of a soon-to-be kindergartener, I would be cool with this type of thing. Another idea people have brought up would be getting rid of both February and April Vacations in lieu of a week off in March -- a traditional Spring Break.

Those are just some opinions but we want to know what you think -- if given the option, would you be in favor of your school district dropping April Vacation for the school year to end a week earlier? Take our poll below:


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