A popular nationwide chain store recently announced they intend to close 150 stores before the end of fiscal 2022 and that includes some stores in the great state of Massachusetts.

Back in September of last year, popular home goods retailer Bed Bath & Beyond announced that they were planning on closing 150 stores by the end of fiscal 2022 but at the time they did not specify when those closures would be happening.

This past Tuesday, January 10th, the retailer added more locations to its expected closure list. Many states across the nation will see some closings however, a few states will see it far worse than others.

Some states that have a larger number of Bed Bath & Beyond locations will obviously be more affected such as California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York.

However, Bed Bath & Beyond will also be closing three of its locations right here in the Bay State. These locations are located in Dorchester, Milford, and Seekonk. FYI, those three locations were announced as part of the initial list back in September.

Luckily(for us), no additional Massachusetts locations were added on Tuesday which means that(for now, anyway) our local Pittsfield location at 665 Merrill Road will remain open and ready to serve you.

According to BusinessInsider.com, Bed Bath & Beyond also confirmed that they began laying off employees on Tuesday and any stores set to close that haven't already done so will close by March. For a list of all store locations set to close, you can check that out here.

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.

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