The struggle for restaurants to keep their doors open despite short staffing has forced the temporary closure of another downtown business.

In a social media post today, popular Wahconah St. eatery Tahiti Takeout Restaurant & Lounge informed their customers that they would be closed temporarily due to staffing issues. According to the post, they do plan to reopen as soon as their staffing issues are resolved, although there is no word on when that might be.

To our loyal customers...we are sad to inform you that we will be temporarily closed due to staffing shortage. We will reopen as soon as we have it all sorted. We appreciate your patience and continued support!

Tahiti Takeout via Facebook

Staffing has been a struggle for many local restaurants and small business owners who have been forced to modify their hours and options for customers because they simply don't have enough employees to keep the doors open.

According to reports, thousands of restaurants across Massachusetts have been forced to close permanently or temporarily as a direct effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tahiti Takeout completely closed between April 9 and May 26 of 2020 due to difficulties their food vendors were having at the beginning of the pandemic. Even when they were finally able to reopen, the menu was limited due to problems with their supply chain.

The pandemic has not been the only struggle for Tahiti in recent years. In 2016 they were forced to close for over a year after a devastating fire. The fire caused major damage to the restaurant and the apartments above, and took the life of an upstairs tenant. After extensive renovations, Tahiti reopened in December of 2017.

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