I bet if I asked you what the first question law enforcement asks you when you get pulled over is, you could tell me.


"Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?"

This appears like an innocent question and a nice ice breaker, but it can be perceived as a trick question as well.

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This question initially seems normal; an officer of the law wants you to recognize the thing you did wrong. Unfortunately, this classic traffic stop opening is a trick question that’s meant to catch drivers off guard before they have time to remember their fifth amendment rights. -whitelawpll.com

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Is it really to incriminate yourself though? I mean you don't have to answer honestly. You don't have to answer at all. I remember the time I said "no" to that question and ended up with a $250 speeding ticket. A little honesty and an apology may have gotten me a warning. Just sayin'. It depends on the situation.

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Starting in 2024, California police can no longer ask this question, according to yahoo.com.

However, starting in January 2024, officers cannot start the interaction with that question and instead must state the purpose of the traffic stop before asking any other questions. The same goes for any stops conducted on a pedestrian.

More "trick" questions can include, "Where are you coming from"? or "Can I search your car"?

Where Are You Coming From?

This is another probing question that can potentially result in one incriminating themselves. If you say you were coming from a restaurant or bar, that can make looking for signs of alcohol use seem more legit to the questioning officer.

This post is not anti-police, it's simply morning radio fodder.

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