Last week, the Massachusetts State Police released a video warning, and reiterating, that operating a motor vehicle that isn't completely clear of snow and ice is not only dangerous, but illegal.

This is something the Pittsfield Police Department shared on their social media pages to spread the word locally. In addition, the PPD is using one local driver as an example that they are not taking this lightly with the winter weather sticking around for the next several months.



On Saturday night, the department released a photo -- along with another message -- to the community.

Remember to 'Clear the Snow Before You Go!' This driver was stopped recently while driving down North St. #motoringpublic #expensivelessons

According to State Police Officials, officers can issue a $40 fine for impeded operation if a driver has obstructed windows and a $200 fine for driving with an unsecured load -- which can include heavy sheets of snow or ice on a car's roof. If uncleared snow or ice falls from a vehicle and causes an accident, that driver can face additional civil or criminal liability, under the state's negligent operation statute.

We know it's tough when you're in a hurry, or you're running late, but just make sure you're vehicle is cleared off before you hit the road. It could save you some loot in the long run.

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