Pittsfield Police searched for shell casings in the fresh snow on Daniels Avenue yesterday evening, trying to gather information on what appears to be a drive-by shooting.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that no one was reported injured in an apparent drive-by shooting that happen in West Pittsfield yesterday evening. Bullet holes were visible in a home located at 9 Daniels Avenue, prompting officers to search near by snowbanks with flashlights for evidence.

The shooting was reported by neighborhood residents around 6:40 p.m. Wednesday evening, in addition to officers being notified of several rounds fired through the ShotSpotter alert system.

Officers on scene are interviewing neighbors and trying to learn as much as we can

PPD Lt. Jeffrey Bradford via The Berkshire Eagle

This the latest in a rash of gun violence that has plagued the City of Pittsfield in the past few months.

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