I think at one point or another, every single one of us has said, I wish they had taught us that in school. I know algebra and chemistry were important, but I wish the same emphasis was put on credit score, retirement savings and debt as well. While I'm sure that some people use 2x + y = 6 in their every day lives, I also know that credit and personal finances play a roll in every adults daily life. Well if law makers in Maine get their way, real world financial education will be taught in schools as well.

According to WGME in Augusta, a proposed bill in the state would add a new requirement to its schools curriculum, personal finance.  Lawmakers held a public hearing on the proposal that would add personal finance standards to the statewide learning results.

Supporters say it's about real-world skills every student will need, from understanding how to make a personal budget to managing credit card debt, and they say far too many students graduate without those skills.

They have to make loan payments on a car, they have to get student loans. They have to pay their grocery bill. There are a lot of things that we need to know about money for, and frankly, it's not being taught in all schools equally

Sen. Matthew Pouliot


If passed, the Department of Education would develop the curriculum, which would incorporate financial literacy education as early as kindergarten through high school.


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