In these trying times between inflation, lack of affordable housing in some areas, and the struggles to make a decent wage an extra $21,000 could really come in handy. Massachusetts residents could have that extra amount of money sitting around their houses without even knowing it until now.

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Hey Massachusetts, It All Comes Down to Having a Specific Quarter

There is a quarter out there that has some very big value at the moment...$21,000 to be exact. In a TikTok video shared by @TheBowersCoinShow. To see if you have the highly sought-after quarter what you'll want to do is make sure the year on it is 1937. Then you want to look for the words "Liberty" along with "In God We Trust." If the letters have a doubling outline then your quarter could sell up to $21,000 if the coin is in really good condition. Even if your coin is in poor condition you could still make over $300...not bad for a quarter.

This is fair game. Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Berkshire County, New Bedford, or any other city, town, or state, you could become $21,000 richer. It's time to check under the couch cushions, your vehicle's center console, the glove box, and your piggy banks because you may just have a quarter worth that hefty amount of money in your possession. Now that would be a wonderful gift just in time for the holidays. You could be paying some bills, doing a home renovation, or going on that dream vacation before you know it. It's time to start searching for that quarter.

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