We all know that with Thanksgiving comes plenty of leftovers, right? Are you one of those people who loves eating turkey sandwiches for the next four days following the big holiday?

I have to confess that I'm not that person. I usually eat so much turkey and fixings on Thanksgiving that I'm pretty much good to go until...well, Christmas. If truth be told. Just saying.

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And I know that I'm probably in the minority in that regard. Some of my family members would practically come to blows if they weren't given food (turkey, ham, stuffing, apple pie...) to take home with them.

Recently, BetOhio.com conducted a survey of 3,000 people across America and Massachusetts to come up with some interesting Thanksgiving findings. One of those findings was the most popular Thanksgiving leftovers in the country and in the Commonwealth.

And this probably comes as no surprise, but the #1 most popular Thanksgiving leftover dish both in the country and Massachusetts was far and away roast turkey. Turkey captured 41 states! That's 62% of the vote! In Massachusetts, turkey had 74% of the vote.

You probably guessed turkey to be the #1 favorite, but here's where it gets interesting. The #2 favorite Thanksgiving leftover in the country is...stuffing. Mmmmm...stuffing. Love it! However, stuffing was not the second favorite in Massachusetts!

What on earth could it be? Mashed potatoes? Sweet potatoes? Green bean casserole? Good guesses, but nope. Massachusetts' second favorite Turkey Day leftover is...are you ready for it? Apple pie! Apparently, we like our desserts here in the Bay State!

Finally, the third favorite Thanksgiving leftover is the same for both Massachusetts and the rest of the country. Mashed potatoes! Mashed taters were the #1 choice in two states, capturing 47% of the vote. By the way, in Massachusetts, mashed potatoes captured 45% of the vote.

The survey also came up with some more fascinating Thanksgiving stats. Take a look for yourself by visiting BetOhio's website here. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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