Since President Donald Trump took office in January of 2017, some sports teams have declined invitations to The White House. Since Trump has been known to politicize sports, (particularly the NFL), during his presidency, this has come with no surprise.

The 2018 World Champion Boston Red Sox announced on Monday that they have been offered and will accept an invitation to the White House, although no date has been set according to team president, Sam Kennedy.

What is surprising is that Alex Cora is not opting out. The 43 year-old Caguas, Puerto Rico native has been critical of Trump due to his lackluster support of PR after Hurricane Maria nearly destroyed the entire country. The hurricane caused 91 billion dollars in damage in September of 2017, resulting in over 3000 deaths, a fact Trump has vehemently denied.

The Astros accepted the invitation after winning the World Series last year, but were without two of their players -- Carlos Correa and Carlos Beltran, who both hail from Puerto Rico. Both players said they did not skip the visit for political reasons; Beltran wanted to spend time with his family, and Correa was arranging aid for Puerto Rico. -CBS Sports

Alex Cora will attend the ceremonial trip and vows to use the platform, "in the right way".

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