One of the great benefits about living in Massachusetts is having access to so many Dunkin's across the state. After all, the donut and coffee franchise originated here in the Bay State (Quincy, MA) and is conveniently located throughout most everywhere in the state. But what would happen if you lost your Dunkin' stores? One particular Massachusetts town had that happen and then their residents kind of lost their minds a little bit.

There are nearly 1,100 Dunkin's throughout the state of Massachusetts. That comes to about one Dunkin' per 6,500 residents throughout the Bay State. The map of Dunkin' located across the state is pretty absurd.

It's so outrageous, they made it into a meme. But what would happen if you had so much access to a Dunkin', that you became accustomed to in your Massachusetts town, two of them actually, but then all of a sudden there were none?!

This Massachusetts town was up-in-arms last year, not knowing what to do now that Dunkin' in their town, is no more...

Stow, MA is a Dunkin Desert! Matt Shearer of WBZ News Radio's video went viral and the people of Stow are likely still bummed out! The loss of their Dunkin' has hurt them so much that NBC's 'Today' even featured Matt's video at the time.

One man in the video said he had to travel further away to get to a Dunkin'. When asked how far away, he replied, "Over a mile-and-a-half!". His story was terribly tragic.

Dunkin' is so popular in Massachusetts, it was featured in an SNL skit, starring Bay State native, Casey Affleck:

And of course, who could forget the 2024 Super Bowl commercial starring Massachusetts own Ben Affleck (Casey's brother) and Matt Damon, along with New England's beloved Tom Brady.

We all know how important getting our Dunkin' is. The fact of the matter remains. Massachusetts has a Dunkin' around just about every corner...except in the town of Stow.

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