PITTSFIELD, Mass. – In an effort to enhance access, building inspections requests related to issued building permits can now be submitted using the City of Pittsfield’s online permitting portal system. The change is effective immediately and can be requested by any individual who has been issued a permit, said Building Commissioner Jeffrey Clemons.

Previously these requests were only accepted via telephone,” Clemons said. “We will continue to accept telephone requests at this time but we encourage the use of electronic requests.”

A link to the online permitting system is available on the Building Inspectors page on the city’s website, and requests can be directly submitted via the “Inspection Request Tab.”

Additionally, Clemons said the Building Inspectors webpage has added new information including frequently asked questions and links to building code related sites, such as a link to a state database to confirm if a contractor is registered to conduct home improvement projects.

“I want individuals to get accurate information so they can be informed and educated about the process,” he said.

You can get more information by calling the Building Inspectors department at 499-9440 or by going here.

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