A rescue team and over a dozen members of Pittsfield Fire, Police, and other emergency responders are searching for a man who reportedly went missing in Silver Lake.

According to The Berkshire Eagle, just before 3 pm this afternoon two young boys called Pittsfield Police saying they heard a man swimming in Silver Lake cry for help.

Chris and Skylar Daniels, 16 and 13-year old brothers were fishing this afternoon at Silver Lake in Pittsfield and say they saw a man swimming in the small East St. lake.  When they were packing up to leave, they heard the man yelling for help, but were not within eyesight. They dropped their poles and ran to see if they could spot the man, but could not. The older of the two boys told police when they had seen the man in the water earlier, he was not struggling and was swimming just fine.

Members of the rescue team have been conducting searches of the lake via boat, while divers searched the water. Members of Pittsfield Fire, Pittsfield Police, Berkshire County Sheriff's Office are on scene with assistance from Stockbridge Fire.



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