Those of us who live in Berkshire County, Massachusetts know the magic it possesses. Even though some people have never even heard of our little corner of the world, over 4 million people visit The Berkshires each year, and that group includes some pretty notable names.

From Mark Wahlberg to Kanye West celebrities and socialites of all kinds have been known to visit Berkshire County, our idyllic home in western Massachusetts. The amazing landscapes, dining, arts, and relaxation The Berkshires have to offer draws folks in from all over the globe, Some even make a home for themselves here.

One of the Berkshires' most notorious residents (ok, notorious if you're into the unscripted world of Bravo TV) reality star Dorinda Medley recently shined a spotlight on Berkshire County, garnering the attention of another big name, Rihanna. Still with me? If not, I'll back up.

Dorina Medley is a former longtime cast member on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City franchise. She also grew up in the Berkshires, and still resides part-time in the town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, at her infamous (again, if you're a fan of the Bravo Universe) Bluestone Manor. The gilded age historic home has served as the backdrop for countless "cast trips", as two to three episodes every season under Medley's reign were filmed here in The Berks. Over the years, fans were able to watch the women visit landmarks like Blantyre and Venfort hall, dine at Praire Whale, shop at Annie Selke, get wasted (no seriously, like drunk drunk) at the Red Lion Inn, and much more.

Most recently, a new iteration of the Housewives show, Real Houswives Ultimate Girls Trip, filmed a group of former cast members from all different cities (think all-stars) as they spent eight days in the Berkshires at Medley's private residence.

Still with me?

Medley recently appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where the host pointed out the New York City resident had many A-list fans, some of who have requested to visit her in The Berkshires.

Cue Rihanna.

Fallon shared Medley's Instagram post (seen below) with a stunning shot of some deer playing Blue Stone Manor. Underneath the post, is a comment from Rihanna (who was recently named the youngest self-made female billionaire EVER by Forbes Magazine) who happens to be an avid Housewives fan.


I think it's safe to say we'd love to have the Barbados native and Grammy award-wining singer make her way to western Massachusetts so she could see everything amazing we have to offer. And of course, Dorinda would "make it nice" (cue non-Bravo fans having zero idea of what I'm talking about and my joke landing nowhere)

Check out the entire clip below, it sounds like the Fallon family wants to come for a visit as well!


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