While it's easy for me to hate Tom Brady, Bob Kraft is another story. I've read countless stories of the New England Patriots owner's charitable work throughout Massachusetts and the rest of the country. After a visit to The Berkshires in late August of last year, I had several friends who got the chance to meet him, and had nothing but fantastic things to say about how humble, down to earth and friendly he was. The story I read this morning could convince even this Patriot's hater to love the guy.

It began with Kraft offering up the Patriots private plane to transport Parkland, Florida families to the nation's capital for Saturday's March for Our Lives rally. According to Sports Illustrated, Kraft arranged transportation for “half of the families of the 17 victims, a handful of the students who were injured, and a group of students who would be performing at the march” — many of whom would not have been able to attend if it hadn't been for his generosity.

Not only did he extend the use of the team's plane, but he penned a personal letter to the families traveling to Washington, D.C. reminding them of the power of just a few people. He opened the note, with a quote from Margaret Mead;

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.


Check out the rest of the letter Kraft had left on the seat of each of the passengers traveling on the chartered flight. Stand up guy, right there.


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