Can you imagine going to sit down and eat a salad only to find out it has rodent droppings in it? Okay, this may not be a great way to start your day if you're reading this in the morning but in case you haven't heard or seen yet, there is some romaine lettuce that was sold in Massachusetts and has been recalled because the product may have rodent droppings in it. Now there's a picture that would make you want to lose your lunch, literally.

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According to Food Safety News, here's the information about the particular lettuce product:

  • Romaine lettuce packed in bulk 45-pound mini-bins
  • 2580 mini-bins
  • Code: Tierrasol 23-26R08

FSN also reports that the recall was initiated on June 16 of this year and is ongoing. I find it interesting that was initiated over a month ago and unless I missed it the first time around, we're only hearing about it now. The other piece here that is a little strange or rather missing, is the article doesn't report where in Massachusetts the romaine lettuce was sold, only that it was distributed in Massachusetts and Minnesota. At least there is a code that you can check out to see if you have the lettuce in question.

Obviously, if you do have the lettuce (which probably by now would be a bit expired anyway) do not eat it. Instead, discard it right away or try for a refund if possible. You can get check out more details about the romaine lettuce recall by going here.

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