For the past couple of months, city councilors have been toying with the idea of lowering speed limits in Pittsfield. According to, some action has already been taken.

Besides the traditional white, (sometimes yellow), and black speed limit signs, you may have noticed some unconventional warning signs in the area. "Drive like your kids live here", I see in some neighborhoods. Maybe it's because I'm a relatively new father, I don't know, what I do know is, I SLOW DOWN, when I see these signs.

Jogging on outer West St. in Pittsfield the other day, I saw an illuminated road sign reminding drivers of the speed limit, even warning them that "Santa's Watching". I really believe that this fun type of warning adds a human side to law enforcement.

Officers Derby and Klink are frequent guests on Slater and Marjo in The Morning. We have candid conversations about many things, and today, as more snow fell in Pittsfield, they, (PPD), remind drivers to please SLOW DOWN. Check it out below.


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