We've officially passed the one-year marker of the first confirmed coronavirus case in the U.S. We as a country and global community have now been on this strange and scary journey for over a year. It's wild to even think about what we have all been through, let alone the true heroes of this past year, our frontline medical workers.
In honor of everything that the front-line workers at Berkshire Medical Center have done Thursday, Feb 11, the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office would like to recognize the many staff members at BMC, who are truly heroes in this pandemic. They have planned a recognition convoy routed around the general area of the BMC campus in downtown Pittsfield.
Throughout this last year, many of us in public safety have consistently received praise for working through these unprecedented times. However, as many continued to walk the line in jail, responded to Fire/EMS calls within the community and patrol our neighborhoods keeping us safe, we have forgotten about those who work in the healthcare field. These individuals spend 8 to 12 hours a day wearing full PPE that can be seen by the bruises on their faces. These individuals have not only provided support to our family members who we couldn’t visit, but also became family members as they held the hands of those who took their last breath. Some of these staff members have gotten COVID-19 themselves and slept in their cars in their driveways or in hotel rooms in order to keep their families safe. These staff members are exhausted, but continue to walk into the fear of the unknown daily and need our appreciation more than ever.
Berkshire County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
A public Facebook event page gives further details for the route and day of participation instructions.
The post says at the conclusion of the event, the hope is that the many staff members at Berkshire Medical Center know that we support them and are here for them. Being that there are also two other BHS owned and operated facilities located in North Adams and Great Barrington, we would like to see this continue for those that work within those facilities as well.
COVID-19 Safety:
All participants within the convoy will be required to wear masks or some form of a facial cover. All participants are asked to maintain a 6-foot distance from each other to comply with local DPH and CDC guidelines.
The convoy coordinator will be Officer Jacob Gaylord at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office. If you wish to have your agency participate, please email him at the below email address or contact him via the phone number listed below. All information/updates will be posted on the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. February 20, 2021 at 1:30pm, will be the alternate day in case of unsafe weather conditions.
Officer Jacob Gaylord
Cell: 413-770-2993
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