Have you heard the news, Berkshire County? Recently, Tripadvisor released a ranking of the best of these particular places across the country. Then, the good folks at Stacker took that data and compiled a list of the highest-rated places in the Commonwealth.

What exactly are these "places" that I'm talking about? Museums. That's right, folks. According to Tripadvisor, out of the top 20 highest-rated museums in Massachusetts, Berkshire County is home to four of them!

And, if you ventured a little further into the top 30 highest-rated museums, you'd find a fifth Berkshire County location: Mass MoCA in North Adams is ranked at #23! I find myself saying this quite a lot lately but, Nice Job, Massachusetts!

Hitting the Highest-Rated Museums in Massachusetts list at #19 is Hancock Shaker Village:

Hancock Shaker Village Facebook
Hancock Shaker Village Facebook

Located on outer West Housatonic Street in Pittsfield, Hancock Shaker Village is a living history museum focusing on the Shakers and it is truly a great place to bring the family. Everything from tremendous Shaker architecture, beautiful scenery, the baby animals exhibit, and sometimes live music during the summer!

Next on the list at #16 is Edith Wharton's home, The Mount:

The Mount - Facebook
The Mount - Facebook

Located at 2 Plunkett Street in Lenox, The Mount is not only a museum, but it's also a cultural center with lovely grounds and the beautiful winter lights of Night Wood.

Our next stop in Berkshire County is 225 South Street, Williamstown:

The Clark Facebook
The Clark Facebook

The Clark Art Institute is #15 on the list of Highest-Rated Museums in Massachusetts. The building itself is beautiful to look at (both outside and inside) and the collection of French Impressionist and American paintings is so impressive that it may take a couple of trips to see them all.

And finally(for Berkshire County museums, anyway), coming in at #7, Stockbridge's own Norman Rockwell Museum:

Norman Rockwell Facebook
Norman Rockwell Facebook

Located at 9 Glendale Road in Stockbridge, the Norman Rockwell Museum houses the largest and most significant collection of Rockwell drawings and paintings in the world. If you're a Rockwell fan as I am, you can literally spend hours upon hours gazing at his work.

There are plenty of other fascinating museums in Massachusetts well worth a road trip or two. Here are the top 20 Highest-Rated Museums in Massachusetts:

  1. Museum of Fine Arts - Boston
  2. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum - Boston
  3. House of the Seven Gables - Salem
  4. John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library - Boston
  5. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Boston
  6. Lizzie Borden House - Fall River
  7. Norman Rockwell Museum - Stockbridge
  8. Museum of Science - Boston
  9. USS Constitution Museum - Boston
  10. Peabody Essex Museum - Salem
  11. Plimoth Patuxet Museums - Plymouth
  12. New England Holocaust Memorial - Boston
  13. Whaling Museum - Nantucket
  14. Old Sturbridge Village - Sturbridge
  15. Clark Art Institute - Williamstown
  16. The Mount - Lenox
  17. Heritage Museums and Gardens - Sandwich
  18. Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery - Salem
  19. Hancock Shaker Village - Pittsfield
  20. Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum - Provincetown

We know how to do museums in Massachusetts, right? Take a look at the complete rankings here.

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