First off, this is not a "whoa is me" post. When we wrapped up the show this morning, I wanted to be honest with the audience that I really wasn't looking forward to our broadcast from the 2021 American Cancer Society's Relay For Life tonight.

I said, "This is gonna sound screwed up, but I really don't wanna go tonight"; however, I did a really crappy job explaining why and I wouldn't be surprised if you thought that I was implying that I would rather be doing something else on a Friday evening.

The truth is the last time I attended "Relay" in June of 2019, my wife Jorja was in remission from a very deadly form of breast cancer to which she later succumbed to in November of 2020.

After she gave a very powerful speech, we walked the lap together with our dear friend Sue Merritt in honor of the many who have dealt with cancer, Merritt included.

Unfortunately, "Relay For Life" is a stark reminder that my wife suffered from this disease for three years and it eventually took her life. It is also a stark reminder that my children no longer have a mother.


In hindsight, it was a disrespectful and somewhat selfish thing to say. It was a disrespectful thing to say to Ray Gardino and all of the other selfless volunteers who have taken the time to make "Relay For Life" a great and honorable thing in this community.

Cancer is rampant and affects millions, not just me.

I am a guy who likes to live 93% of his life on the air, and I apologize if anyone misinterpreted what I meant. Thanks for listening in the morning.


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