Saturday was a perfect lake day in The Berkshires. My buddy Ben, the kids, and I rented a pontoon boat and met up with a friend of ours who owns a jet-ski. All in all, it was a super fun day.

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For some reason the boat didn't have a problem, right? I didn't think it was gonna be an issue until we wanted to go swimming. One by one, we each took turns jumping off the boat into the lake.

First observation: the boat drifts far faster than I thought. I felt as soon as I was in the water, the boat was already six feet away and drifting.

Second observation: It is harder than you think getting back on the boat!

Although I eventually was able to pull myself back on up on the front of the boat, it was quite a humbling experience! I need to mix some pull-ups in with my runs.

I learned the following after my experience, haha.

  • If you don’t have a rope ladder, then you can use this simple trick. Just tie a rope in the U-shape on any side of the boat. If anyone falls aboard, with the help of this rope, he can take support by keeping his leg on the rope, and he can get into the boat.
  • By tying a rope in this way to the boat, you will get good support. You can push the body upwards by keeping your leg on the rope, and you can get into the boat.

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