A prop bet (short for Proposition bet) is basically a bet on anything besides the actual score of the game. A novelty bet if you will, can be about bout anything from the color shirt a coach will wear, or the national anthem takes and everything in between.

On Wednesday morning, Mike joined Slater and I during the morning show and came up with a list of prop bets pertaining to this years Super Bowl to take between the three of us, yes, you might have noticed, we're a little competitive. Whoever hits the most bets out of ten will be declared the winner and all the bragging rights it entails. The only thing we have to come up with now, is a punishment for the loser....


  • Trump Tweets

    How many times will President Trump tweet during the Super Bowl? Line - 2.5 

    Slater - Under

    Marjo - Over

    Mike - Under

  • Pink's National Anthem

    How long will Pink's rendition of the National Anthem take to sign. Line 2 Minutes 

    Slater - Over

    Marjo - Over

    Mike - Over

  • Temperature vs. 1st Quarter Score

    Will the total points scored in the first quarter be higher or lower than the game time temperature in Minneapolis?

    Slater - Higher

    Marjo - Higher

    Mike - Higher

  • Justin Timberlake Half Time Song

    What song will Justin Timberlake OPEN his halftime show performance with?

    Slater - Sexy Back

    Marjo - Filthy

    Mike - Senorita

  • "Dynasty" Mentions

    Combined, How many times will announcers Chris Collinswoth and Al Michaels say the word 'dynasty' during the game? Line - 2.5 

    Slater - Over

    Marjo - Over

    Mike - Over

  • Peyton Manning Commercials

    The number of commercials featuring Peyton Manning that will air during the Super Bowl?  Line 2.5 

    Slater - Under

    Marjo - Under

    Mike - Over

  • Anheuser Busch Commercials

    The number of Anheuser-Busch commercials that will air during the game?  Line - 4.5 

    Slater - Under

    Marjo - Over

    Mike - Over


  • Winning Team's Gatorade Color

    What color will the Gatorade be that it dumped on the winning teams head coach?

    Slater - Yellow

    Marjo - Blue

    Mike - Orange

  • Tom Brady's Booboo Hand

    Will cry baby Tom Brady wear a bandage on his right hand during Super Bowl 52?  

    Slater - Yes

    Marjo - No

    Mike - Yes

  • Head or Tails

    Will the opening coin toss be heads or tails. Just that simple.

    Slater - Tails

    Marjo - Tails

    Mike - Heads

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