We all know I'm weird about stuff that can "make my day", it's the little things, right? Well, new items on the drive-thru menu at Dunkin' sometimes do that to me.

Introducing Dunkin's new Avocado Toast!


This morning, Marjo and I each had a piece of this delicious new item live on-air.

It's a toasted slice of sourdough bread with avocado spread then topped (sprinkled) with Dunkin's "everything" bagel seasoning.

The avocado spread comes in a little container similar to that of Dunkin's cream cheese spread. Once the toast pops out of the toaster, they open the sealed container and spread it on. I do not know if you can get it "on the side", however.

Now, the avocado tastes more like guacamole, like, there is a strong taste of lime (which I love) along with avocado. As long as there is no red onion on it, I'm down!

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The "everything" bagel seasoning is exactly what's on the actual bagel, sesame seeds, poppyseed, garlic powder, and onion flakes.

When I ordered Dunkin's new Avocado Toast this morning, the first thing that came to mind was, "how are they gonna package it"? I mean, you can't slide a smothered piece of toast into a bag...

The new avocado toast comes in a small light cardboard container. See below.


Often mocked for being expensive, this avocado toast will cost you just $2.99.

SLATER REVIEW: 2 thumbs up, bro, it's really good. While one slice is probably enough, I could easily eat two.

Dunkin' has also added a grilled cheese sandwich to their menu. You can get it plain or with black forest ham.

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