I remember the day when my son Liam, then 3 years old, started watching "Blippi" on his Amazon Kindle. I was like, "Who the hell is this guy?"

Well...I had officially been introduced to the world of kids' entertainment on YouTube.

I actually grew to really like and respect Blippi. He's a master of his craft and does a really great job of teaching kids about early life.

Then came "Ryan Toys Review", now known as "Ryan's World". We watched a million videos of him and his parents messing around at their house in Texas.

Then it was "Vlad and Nikki"...

Now...it's "Jillian and Addie". These two YouTuber sisters from the Pittsburgh area, formerly known as "Babyteeth4" have 2.36 million subscribers on the platform.

"Jillian and Addie" features teenager Jillian, 15, and her sister Addie, 13, starring in mysteries, spooky skits, epic mini-movies, all aimed at teens and up.

I walked into our TV room and found Liam just fascinated by these two. Interestingly, the monotone delivery was almost Napoleon Dynamite-esque, but the sisters are actually quite intelligent.

My two sons are so into their videos that just the other night, they were screaming at me to call them on the phone so that they could speak to them.

Check 'em out...

A VOICE FROM BEYOND! Addie finds a mysterious walkie-talkie in the woods! When scary sounds come from it, can Jillian & Addie solve this dark mystery before it's too late? Fans of Twilight Zone, Stranger Things, Creeped Out, Goosebumps, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will love this creepy chronicle!


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