My mother, Carol, has been an enormous help watching my two young boys so I can earn a living. She heads to Pittsfield every two weeks to help out.

We are very close. She gives great advice, we share the same humor, like similar music, plus, she makes one hell of spaghetti sauce.

One thing my mother enjoys is going on her walks. Well, Saturday's walk STARTED OFF good but ended very dire.

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I was taking the kids for a little joyride when I passed my mother walking down Balance Rock Rd. in Lanesborough, she seemed to be loving her exercise in the sun.

About five minutes later, I get a phone call from her. At this point, I know it's not good. She would never "call to say Hi" on a walk.

I frantically answer only to hear her crying on the other end, "Bryan, I fell. I need you. I'm on Potter Mountain Rd. I bleeding from my mouth and nose." All I said was, "I will be right there."

There is a certain feeling you get when it's your own mother in distress, it's innate, and nothing short of urgent. I probably drove a little too fast down the street to find her, but whatever.

I pull over on the side of Potter Mountain Rd to find my mother standing there with her face mask pinching her nose which was gushing blood (sorry to be dramatic). She had tripped over a huge piece of asphalt on the side of the road.

Her face was bloodied with a gash on her chin and a fat lip, to boot. My mother is 67 and on blood thinners, I was worried about the bleeding.

I ushered her to the car got her home and cleaned up, fed her some cheese and crackers, grape juice and lots of Tylenol.

A trip to urgent care was discussed, but, ultimately, she felt it was unecessary.

The point careful. The roads can still be a mess from the sand and salt and sticks and plows from the winter. Debris on the side of roads can be hazardous.

Plus, at 67, ya can't bounce back from a fall like that too quickly!


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