Wednesday is national cheeseburger day, and Slater LOVES cheeseburgers. He probably eats at least three a week.

For cheese, he likes, american, provolone, muenster, fresh mozzarella, cheddar, and bleu.


Preferred toppings include: bacon, avocado, and fried egg.

Here's his top five from the 413.

5. FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES (Pittsfield). Most cheeseburger enthusiasts frown upon chain restaurant product, but these burgers are fantastic. Order the bacon cheeseburger with cajun fries, just remember, it contains 1060 calories excluding the fries and drink!

4. THE OLDE HERITAGE TAVERN (Lenox). Ground fresh from Loeb's across the street, try the fried egg burger. Yum.

3. EAT ON NORTH (Pittsfield). Chef Ron Reda's cheeseburger is wonderful. Try topping with avocado and bleu cheese.

2. MAZCOT'S (Lenox). This cheeseburger will melt in your mouth. Order the "lucky burger", yummy basil and garlic.

1. DISTRICT KITCHEN AND BAR (Pittsfield). Probably the best burger I have ever had. Really. The "mexicali burger" black bean spread with avocado and lime. Unreal.


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