Massachusetts is known as a top state to raise a family and our education offerings play a big role in that. As a matter of fact, WalletHub has placed Massachusetts at the top of the list for the most educated state in the US for 2023.

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Which City is the Smartest in Massachusetts? 

So we know Massachusetts is the most educated state for 2023 but which city is the smartest in the Bay State?  According to Study International which used WalletHub's latest ranking of the most and least educated cities in America, Boston is the smartest city in Massachusetts and the seventh smartest city in the US. Below is an excerpt from Study International's write-up of Boston's ranking.

Known for its numerous colleges, Boston is close to institutions like Northeastern University and Boston University, as well as some of the top universities in the world, like Harvard and MIT. The city’s technical institutes, such as Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and Wentworth Institute of Technology, contribute to the 45% of degree holders who have specialised in STEM fields. Around 26% of adults possess a bachelor’s degree, while 22% have pursued a graduate or professional degree.

Which City Landed in the #1 Spot for Smartest in the Country? 

The state that took the top spot according to Study International is Ann Arbor, Michigan followed by San Jose, California at #2 and Washington DC at #3. If you choose to make Boston your home, you'll be surrounded by some pretty intelligent people. You can take a look at all 10 cities that made the list along with the methodology used and more by going here. 

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