Many of us are enjoying the warmer weather and long sunny days. This is the time of the year when you may start to see snakes on your property or in your home. Here at the radio station in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, I'll see garter snakes in our back transmitter room or right outside the building on a warm sunny day. This is no surprise as the station is located on a property with a huge field and swamp area.

There are a Few Natural Remedies You Can Use to Detract Snakes from Your Home and Yard 

I was wondering if there is anything else that can be done to detract snakes from the building and there is. According to PETA, there are a few natural remedies that can be used to keep snakes out of the building and your home. If you are having issues with snakes getting into your home you may want to try these remedies. You probably already have these items around your house but if not you can easily pick them up at your grocery store.

5 Items Massachusetts Homeowners Can Use to Keep Snakes Away From Their Homes

The cinnamon and clove oils work best when mixed in a spray bottle. Spray the substance where snake activity has been occurring and they will be saying "Adios."

Similar to the cinnamon and clove oil mix, onions and garlic work together as a team. These items work particularly well when planted outside. PETA recommends chopping them up, mixing them with rock salt, and sprinkling the mixture around your yard.

There's that almighty natural pest repellant...vinegar. You probably already have vinegar in your kitchen or pantry. Vinegar works well, particularly around water sources like pools and ponds. No dilution is necessary.

Pets Can Help Get Rid of Snakes Too

It's also worth noting that snakes aren't fond of cats and dogs so if you have been thinking about getting one or both of these animals as a household pet, here's another good reason to have one.

Let's face it no matter where you live in Massachusetts whether it's a smaller area like Great Barrington or larger locations like Springfield or Worcester you'll probably see some snakes this summer. If you are experiencing a recurring snake issue in and around your home it's time to give these natural remedies a try. It can't hurt.

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