The 2022-2023 winter season wasn't leaving Massachusetts without one true snowstorm, and that's just what we got. Western Massachusetts was covered in over two feet of heavy wet snow over the past few days, leaving a mess for both residents and municipal crews to clean up.

While electrical technicians were dealing with widespread power outages throughout the western portion of the state, city, town, and private plow drivers were trying to keep roadways clear and safe.

While we need and appreciate these trucks to get us going after a big snowstorm, the massive trucks can do some damage, especially if they have a rendezvous with your mailbox.

In Massachusetts, Here's What to Do if a Snowplow Hits Your Mailbox

You're pulling out of your driveway after some freshly fallen snow and what do you see? Your mailbox lying on the ground completely taken out by a snowplow. You probably swear once, twice, or three times, or even slap the steering wheel for good measure, but then what? Well, what happens next really depends on where you live.

There's no statewide regulation that dictates who is responsible for damage caused by a plow, so your best first step is to reach out to your city or town's highway department. After digging around a little, it looks like most towns in Massachusetts will cover damage to your mailbox if it's on your property. However, if it's on the edge of your yard where it meets the road, which is technically city/town property, some places might not cover it. In Massachusetts, the mailbox should be mounted at least eight inches from the curb and 42 inches from the ground up.

So what about Pittsfield? Well if you live in Berkshire County's biggest city, chances are Pittsfield will pick up the tab if a plow hits your mailbox. Last year we talked with City Commissioner Ricardo Morales who said they typically take care of any damage regardless of the location of the mailbox. He said typically because of the odd case where it might not be clear who caused damage, but very likely all are a result of plowing.


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