Sources close to Live 95.9 say that the Miracle Mile Barber Shop at 439 Dalton Ave in Pittsfield, has closed.

Owner of Elm St. Barber Shop in Pittsfield, Chris Welker, said that at least one of the employees of the former Miracle Mile has reached out to him seeking employment.

After multiple attempts, Live 95.9 could not reach anyone at Miracle Mile for comment.

Story to be updated...

Here were some recent reviews/comments on Miracle Miles' facebook page.

"Absolutely love this shop! In addition to being very skilled at their craft, they are friendly as can be, reasonably priced, and locally owned. You won't be disappointed!"

"Getting a fresh cut so I look halfway presentable at Thanksgiving."

"Awesome shop. Love the barbers."

"I drive from Boston to get my hair cut from any of the Barbers here. They are quick and damn good."

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