Southern Berkshire Ambulance Service (SBAS) is pleased to support its employee recruitment and retention strategy by providing no-cost Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training to ten (10) qualified participants living in the Southern Berkshire area.
SBAS has a well-deserved reputation for providing pre-hospital emergency medical and rescue services to the greater southern Berkshire area. However, like many EMS organizations across the nation, SBAS bears the same employee recruitment and retention challenges.
Recruitment and retention of qualified EMS providers were identified in the 2019 EMS Trend Report as the top two issues facing the profession today. Many national EMS organizations, whether Private, Municipal, Hospital-Based, or Not-for-Profit have felt the impact of employee attrition, particularly at the EMT level.
Additionally, overtime costs from critical low staffing has markedly increased, so the race to recruit, hire, engage and retain employees is as intense as ever.  
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