The Mash Cash game. Choose 5 numbers out of 35 correctly, and you win $100,000, doesn't sound impossible, right?

My parents and grandparents have been playing the same "Mass Cash" numbers, consistently, since I can remember and they still haven't won. Odds of winning Mash Cash are 1 in 324,632; better than the Mega Millions 1 in 302,000,000, but still not easy!

Usually, numbers played reflect some sort of milestone, birth dates, age, etc. etc; however for this lucky man, it was some Red Sox players' jersey numbers!

84 year-old Jim Aylward Jr. of Templeton, MA won the $100,000 jackpot on Monday, Nov. 5, according to

He played the jersey numbers of his favorite Red Sox players - Devers, Benintendi, Bradley Jr, Porcello, and Pearce, or (11-16-19-22-25). It was said he adds Ortiz' number (34) to any of the six number combo lottery game he plays.

Just to torture yourself, if you've missed any games over the years, you can access every combination that has come out since 1991 on

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